You Never Know

Okay, okay - I have a great story!!

So recently, I was at the food club store (Yes, HB and I shop at a food club for just the two of us. I like to buy in bulk. I feel unprepared unless my freezer barely closes and I have boxes of food everywhere. I like to keep 1 months food on hand, "just in case" - you know freak snowstorms, earthquakes, nuclear attacks. Sponge has instructions to get to my house in case of any of those occurrences. And you wouldn't believe how much food HB can eat given he's so skinny. Or how fast he can go through a box of tissues - seriously, I cannot keep the man in tissues. I really need to talk him into getting his allergy medication adjusted).

Ahem. Where was I?

Oh right, I was at the food club store and I was picking up 4 pounds of cherries when I look up and see someone who looks incredibly familiar. Hmmm...where do I know him from? We smile and exchange friendly nods so I know that I look familiar to him, too.

I puzzle over this the rest of the store, periodically running into him in different aisles and finally at the check-out line, he's the order in front of me. As I idly wait, not thinking about anything in particular, my eyes come to rest on his shorts, which were white and quilted. I muse to myself, "Wow...those have to be some of the ugliest shorts I've seen on a man."


I nearly fall over. I knew exactly who he was!!

It was OSB!!!!

Sad when the obnoxious shorts are the tip off.

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