Another Sponge Gem


"Did I ever claim to have dignity?! Dignity is over rated!"

A Sign of the Times

Stress! Panic! More stress! This is the story of our lives right now - add to it some feeling of general misery about where we are in our lives and you have some very unfun grad students at the moment.

Work is overwhelming and poor Sponge's love life is still full of drama...but at least her apartment is no longer full of water.

Things that were said in the last day or two:

Sponge: You can never trust progress.

Stretch: I wish we had a bottle of vodka in the office.

Sponge: Oh dang.

Stretch: I need to stay consistently panicked!
Stretch has a way of saying whatever comes to her mind. And it's a good thing that I know how to read her mind, or I might have been shocked by her forwardness. Here are some examples:

Some comments from Stretch to Sponge...

Related to the fact that I squat in her office:

"Do you have to work in here?"

Fortunately, though it may sound like she's giving me the boot, I know she means "Do you want to leave this prison cell together and go to a coffee shop?"

After I broke up with NTP:

"Do you think you'll ever date again?"

One could naively believe she thinks I am a permanently ruined soul, but I know she's wondering if NTP and I will ever get back together (the answer is no ;0)

"Do you really think he'd still like you once he gets to know you?"

Okay, I admit, it's a little harder to spin this one, but she is definitely referencing the fact that Hopeless and I have very different personalities, and he is projecting a false image onto me...



Happy New Year!!!

It's only 18 days late!

Wow - I can't believe that our last entry is that I'm engaged. I'm still engaged! And we're getting married November 7, 2009. Woohoo!!! Sponge has been the biggest help ever with the wedding - she even went wedding dress shopping with me last weekend. I'll have to write some more posts about the wedding planning in the future. I mean what's funnier than a stressed out grad student? A stressed out grad student who is also planning a wedding. The stories practically write themselves.

But before I put the focus on moi, I'm going to tell you about how panicked Sponge has become about her work. She's gotten a lot of pressure from her advisor and has some major deadlines looming. She's vowed to put in some long, productive days. FOCUS and PRODUCTIVITY are her motto. Here's a typical day:

9am: Rolls into the office

9:15am: Tummy rumbles...she hasn't had breakfast! Off to find some breakfast on campus.

9:30am: Returns from the breakfast quest and settles in to eat her baked oatmeal or muffin. OH MY GOSH - we haven't told you the muffin story of 2008! Wow, gotta fix that.

9:35am: Gotta do the crossword puzzle while eating oatmeal.

9:40am: Finished the clues she knows on the crossword puzzle - gives the puzzle to Stretch to finish.

9:45: Stands over Stretch's shoulder watching her finish crossword puzzle.

10am: Checks e-mail

10:15am: Writes e-mail to a certain someone (Soul Mate 1 or SM1...yes, we're numbering the soul mates)

11:15am: Still writing e-mail

11:30am: Sends e-mail, then goes back to reread original e-mail and reply

11:45am: Facebook

12noon: Lunchtime!

1pm: E-mail and more Facebook all afternoon

4pm: Realizes that advisor meeting is tomorrow...EEP!

4:15pm: What was she doing again?

4:30pm: Asks Stretch if it's time to go
4:31pm: How about now?
4:32pm: Now?

4:45pm: Packs up

5pm: Catches a ride home with Stretch.

News Flash!

This is brief, but Stretch and Honey Bear are ENGAGED!!!

Your most humble and obedient and very happy servant,