Constant Communication

So, Sponge and I hang out pretty much all the time at school. For the 8-12 hours we spend in the office, we are in frequent and constant contact - either verbal or written. The only time we don't talk is at night but there are exceptions to that as well since we semi-frequently call and text.

Right. So...yesterday, we said good-bye at 7pm. I met her in the parking lot this morning at 9am so that we could talk on the walk to the office. And seriously, we need to be in constant contact because in those 14 hours - so much had happened! I had suffered a tramatic minor medical health issue, HB had nearly gotten fired and subsequently almost quit his job, a friend of mine had a baby, and Sponge had a hot date that required full dissection.

Seriously, is it any wonder that we don't get any work done for the first several hours of the day when there's so much to catch up on?!

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