A 2nd date

So, I'm seeing someone new. NTP didn't really work out. (Bet you didn't see that one coming.) No nickname for this one yet. We haven't discovered his quircks I guess. For the moment, we'll refer to him as OA5.

I had OA5 over for dinner the other day. For me, making dinner is kinda of a big deal (see previous menu post). I planned far in advance, including, deciding to make a dessert the night before. But when I went to the store I couldn't find one of the two ingredients of which the dessert was composed (I didn't say it was an elaborate dessert!). So, I decided we would make brownies on the fly after dinner... from scratch no less! Sometimes I overestimate my abilities. When brownie making time came, we discovered that I only had raw sugar, but decided that it might be fine. It wasn't fine. It also didn't help that I apparently didn't let them cook long enough, as we can slightly grainy, mushy, kinda pudding, actually.

Oh yeah, I also bought my first six pack of beer for the occasion! We pulled some out, but immediately I realized beer needs to be opened, and I had forgotten about this detail. So I had my date pry the lids off with his teeth.

I wonder if there will be a third date?

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