Sponge is a Vegetarian...kind of.

So Sponge became a vegetarian at one point when someone on campus handed her a pamphlet on becoming a vegetarian. Good thing it wasn't a pamplet on a cult that said the world was ending next week.

Anyways. So, she became a vegetarian - almost a vegan for awhile.

Oh, but then someone made her dinner with lamb. And she was too polite to refuse, so she ate it. A baby animal. We'll let that one slide.

And then she went to Barcelona. She doesn't speak Spanish so she let someone else order her food everytime. And hence she ended up eating sausage, chicken, pork, and who knows what else. Or exactly what parts of those animals.

And then she gave up and started eating poultry in general because...well, because it was just too hard to be a vegetarian.

But she wasn't going to eat pork and beef. Except then she had some bacon. So there went the pork. But she's holding strong on the beef. As long as she doesn't order a mushroom swiss burger by mistake.

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