Poor Sponge was feeling nauseous today. I figured that out when she came into my office and sprawled across the floor. After a bit, I was able to talk her into sprawling on the lawn in front of the building because it's a really pretty day. Eventually, I talked her into getting some Pepto from the Student Center. So we walked down and procured some and the following scene occurred:

Stretch reads the Pepto box and studies all of the Warnings and Dosage information. She spots a box of (partially used, discarded) matches lying on the floor and comments on it to Sponge. She goes back to reading the box and starts getting together the proper dosage for poor Sponge.

She looks up and sees Sponge eating the matches.

Stretch: Why?

Sponge: Aren't matches supposed to help with nausea? Isn't it the sulfur or something?

Stretch: Here's your Pepto.

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