Compare and Contrast

I'm on a roll people! Four posts in four days! WOOHOO!!

Unfortunately, that streak will temporarily come to a end for the rest of the week: this weekend is my birthday weekend and HB has requested that I clear my schedule from Friday until Sunday! So, I will return on Monday, another year older :)

Without first ado, I present:

A quick compare and contrast:

Sponge recently had an opportunity to record a short blurb about something for her favorite podcast. She spent the whole day drafting her blurb, practicing endlessly, and buying a phone card (because she thought it was an international number which it turned out it wasn't...hehehe). Stretch mentions off-hand, that it would be funny if she left multiple messages as a "bloopers reel". Sponge was off and running! She left five messages in this order:

Message 1: "Hello? Is this thing recording? I don't hear anything...Stretch, I can't tell if I'm connected...Hello? Stretch, wouldn't it be funny if it was actually recording?"

Message 2: "Hello, this is Sponge, I am from the United'm going to have to try this again"

Message 3: "Hello, this is Sponge, I am from the United States, As an American [she continues on for awhile until Stretch notices that she missed a line from her script]...ER..WHY DO I SUCK SO BAD?!"

Message 4: Sponge leaves the complete message but it's filled with giggles and "ums"

Message 5: She got it!

Sponge takes a class some afternoons right around the corner from Stretch's office. Stretch mentions at one point that she frequently thinks about calling out "SPONGE!" as she passes the door, which Sponge immediately dared her to do. So...Sponge goes to class and Stretch paces back and forth in front of the door....and chickens out everytime. She opens her mouth, she can hear "SPONGE!" only to realize nothing came out.

It has been decided that Sponge has the nerve/gumption to do embarrassing things while Stretch has all the ideas for the embarrassing things. It's a good team :)

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