We're moving up in the world

So, Sponge and I have spent some time fretting over the last couple of months over our lack of readership. I mean, when we started, we imagined regaling hoardes of people with our antics. But so far, as far as we can tell, we have a readership of...One. Hello reader!!!! We love you!

But we still envision our antics being spread out to the masses (heck, we've discussed imaginary book deals) and as a symptom, we (okay, mostly ME), have spent lots of time typing keywords into Google to see if people could find our little blog. And for a long time, the only way to find us (that we could tell) was to type "Sponge Stretch Giggle Grad School" into the Google Blog search. Not even just Google. Yeah.

So, clearly we were hard to find.

But people, I am hear to tell you that we are moving up in the world! Our plan to convert the masses is at hand!

If you type "Sponge Stretch Giggle" into GOOGLE, we're hit #2!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah!!!!


Floop said...

Your one reader loves both of you, too! since I know someone who owns yahoo stock, I am going to try to find you on Yahoo.

I have a funny story, I went to see my Dr.f oriental Medicine. Wehn I came out, I couldn't find my car. "OH, NO!" I thought. "My car has been stolen." Then I saw this cute little red Honda Fit parked in the lot and remembered that I had bopught a new car and that cute car I was lusting over was MINE! Keep posting!

Floop said...

Oh, dear -- in rereading my comments I noticed lots of spelling mistakes.

Stretch said...

That's so funny and cute! I love it!