Sponge is about to be a Master...

But not of grammar.

Spongey sent out this e-mail to everyone to inform them of her upcoming defense and to let them know that she didn't expect them to come to it. It had me in stitches:

"Hello all,
This is an e-mail to let you know that I am defending a master's thesis this week. I'm am defending on Thursday morning, 10 am, in the CE conferences room, XX CE 132. The event is open to the public, so this is an informal invitation, but I'm also trying to apply any pressure on anyone to come, as my topic is fairly narrow in its interest scope. I have a 30 minute presentation planned, but the room is reserved for 2 hours. Joe's Jones** recently had his master's defense, and his 30 minute presentation turned into 1.5 hours with the questions/interruptions from the committee. Please feel free to attend if you have the time and interest.

**a fictional name used to protect our secret identities.

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