Oh the delinquency

Dear Stretch,

I could just talk to you, as you are sitting across from me, but it would be much more circuitous if I post a blog.

Your most humble and obediant servant,


First, I would like to apologize to my extended audience (all two of you) for the long absence. I have been... well, in the same place doing all of the same things, only not blogging about them!

I would like to share a small story. But first, I would like to share with you, all of these number symbols: ############

Okay, my story. Stretch recently taught me to perfect my whining technique. She was feeding me sentences, and I would whine them back to her. For example:

Stretch: I don't want to work...

Strech: Now do: My shoes are too tight!

We were walking through campus, practicing this very important skill, and then came to the student center, where Stretch, because she is a reasonable and socially aware person, quit the game. I was, as usual, oblivious and on a roll, so in the middle of the crowded student center, approached the vending machine, and declared : I WANT THE GUMMY BEARS! I WANT THEM NOW! NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!!!!! I think I thoroughly emabarrased her, and then proceded to have a little revelation as to why I am still single.

Okay, that my story. I would like to leave you with a lovely set of parentheses. (((((()))))))

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Stretch said...

I knew my public nagging would pay off! Hysterical! Thanks for the extra dose of giggles today.