A Short Vignette

So, recently, I haven't been feeling very "giggly" - I've been stressed about experiments, grad school in general, and the fact that I haven't been very giggly. Nothing takes the giggles away faster than stressing about why you haven't giggled recently.

Sponge and I have a whole list of topics that we want to blog about! I mean we haven't even shared our sleepover with you yet. Hopefully soon.

Today, I have a short vignette for you. Now, I know there's a thin line between funny and pathetic and this one definitely flirts with that line...

Picture, Stretch walking down the hall. She's happy and it's been a productive afternoon. Everything is right in her world and she's on her way to visit Sponge for a late afternoon round of giggles. You can practically hear her thinking "La-de-da, La-de-da".

Suddenly, an awful, stressful thought occurs to her! Panic seizes her as she thinks "Frick on a stick! I can't believe I forgot to do that! I have to do that now!" She quickens her pace, determined to tackle the forgotten task.

She purposely strides a few steps, and then suddenly, the thought disappears. Completely and utterly gone. She stops...what was she supposed to be doing? She smiles and thinks "La-de-da, La-de-da, going to visit Sponge" with only the vaguest of feelings that she's definitely forgotten something important...

That's what happened, folks. Sponge hypothesized that I was abducted by aliens in that moment because honestly, the thought was completely gone - I had no idea what I had wanted to do - only that there had been something that I had wanted to do.

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Floop said...

Stretch--twenty (plus or minus) years ago I woke up and took a look at my calendar. There on my calendar was written "10am," but nothing else. I couldn't remember at all what I was supposed to do or who I was supposed to meet at 10am. I never did remember. I am sure there is someone out there who still harbors ill feelings towards me for standing them up at 10am. Oh, well, we can only hope that forgetfulness is "in" among the gens du monde. F.