I found this new paint program for mac...

... and decided to put it to use.

You see, since I have come to grad school I have discovered a hitherto unrealized talent of mine. That would be, falling asleep in rather uncomfortable positions. It happens all of the time at school, and I associate it with weeks containing more than 70 hours of work. In fact, I'm far better at falling asleep in my office in the middle of the day that at night in bed. So here they are...

Leaning over my desk

Kicked back in my chair.

Curled up between two chairs. There are great advantages in life to being short.

Those great sofa chairs in the library.

Well, there it is. Back to the thesis

Truly yours


Floop said...

It works! Keep laughing--it is good for your innards.

Floop said...

Sponge--do you think those unique poses would work better than sleeping pills for me?

Sponge said...


Hmm, thanks for the question. I actually don't recommend sleeping on one's desk, as it just isn't that comfy. I do, however, reccomend the sofa chair technique! It's works like a champ for me every time :0)

Your most humble and obediant servant,