My first attempt at literary greatness:

I'm afraid I've already been outpaced by my prolific friend, so I'm feeling the heavy pressure of my first post. I'm Sponge. Stretch may be leading you to believe that I'm... ridiculous, but no, I take myself very seriously. Maybe I just have a sort of stunted sense of shame.

How to introduce myself... ok, SO...

I'm an engineer. I'm a grad student. I'm an engineering grad student.

Right. I think we've said enough about that.

This morning I was dissatisfied with the performance of the "d" key on my little mac. So I pried it off to try to fix it. Ha ha ha, this was today's first bad idea (I usually have multiple per day). Let this be a warning to all mac laptop users. Don't pry off your keys. There's a delicate little spring mechanism inside... that is easily broken. My poor computer is much less cute with a gaping hole in its keyboard. It kind of reminds me of a person missing a front tooth.

Your most humble and obedient servant,

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