Let me introduce myself...

I am so completely entralled with the blog at the moment! I mean, I know I just posted and all but I can't wait to post again. We have so much to talk about!

So I am.

Sure beats working on that experimental procedure I should be finishing and was due...awhile ago. Let's just leave it at: it would be good to work on it.

But let me introduce myself. I'm Stretch! That one over there is Sponge. We're both grad students at the University. We started together two years ago and we're entering our third year. We're two girl engineering Ph.D students - that common factor helped us find each other quickly and our propensity to giggle non-stop has kept us together.

Okay. I admit it - the giggling might be my fault. At my old job, they called me the Giggle Factory. I tend to have a habit to drag the people around me into giggling. In fact, today a girl said about me "All you have to do is say something to her and she starts to giggle." Yup - that's me.

How can you tell me apart from Sponge? Well...I'm the short one. The very short one. In fact, my lack of height is one of my most distinguishing characteristics. Go figure. And I tend to be the one that semi-encourages the antics while Sponge is the one doing the antics. In other words, I giggle while Sponge does something funny, semi-funny, not funny, etc. That girl is hysterical, what can I say. We're a good team.

Other semi-interesting things about me:
  • I moved a lot growing up.
  • I tend to knit compulsively.
  • I am a yarn addict - it's truly an addiction. Don't believe me? Check out my yarn room.
  • Other random hobbies include spinning. On a wheel - you know, to make yarn?
  • I recently bought a home with the boyfriend - Honey Bear. I'm hoping for a ring in the near future and that he'll become Mr. Stretch or I'll become Mrs. Honey Bear. (Hehehe...if you're reading this, love ya hon!)
So, basically we're going to use this blog to ramble about all of our going ons and help us remember all the funny times.

Okay, I should get back to work. Sponge is over there working hard while I giggle to myself and post this. I should try to get something done, too....maybe.

But before I go, here's a quick preview of some funny stories that will be appearing in the near term:
  • Stretch Battles the Spiders
  • The Poison Ivy Experiment
  • The Tales of the Sponge Boys (we have Object of Affection 1, Object of Affection 2, Cult Boy - he's a classic, Pseudo-Undergrad, and Self-Portrait Dude, just to name a few).
  • Licking your Face
  • Ducky and Meow Meow
  • Where We Got Our Names

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