Lots of excitement


So, I logged onto the blog after a long hard day of work and I was super excited to see:

1. A post from you! - An amazing attempt at literary greatness if I do say so myself. Definite giggles all around. Very sorry to hear about the Mac. I had the "W" key fall off of my laptop once and I was able to get the entire keyboard replaced. I, however, don't have a Mac. Go Windows!

2. Our first comment! I was soooooooooo excited! I mean someone actually found us AND felt compelled to actually acknowledge that they had been here. WE WERE LOVED! I clicked, I waited with breathless anticipation...Knicksgirl0917 decided to share with us her favorite extra summer cash website. Thanks Knicksgirl0917!! Sigh. Oh well, our first SPAM message! I'm still tickled.

I will see you tomorrow - I am anxiously anticipating our SLUMBER PARTY!! That's right, folks, stay tuned for SPONGE AND STRETCH'S SLUMBER PARTY. Why a slumber party? Well, Honey Bear is out of town and Casa de Stretch seems to be co-habitated by monsterous spiders intent to torment me. And I love Sponge. And I live far from campus. And we're going to see a movie tomorrow night - muahahaha, grad students out on the town...going to a matinee. We are PAR-TAY ANIMALS. I am sure much giggling will ensue.

As always, Your obt. svt.

(That really shouldn't be as hysterical as I find it)

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