The Horrible Evilness That is Sponge

I had a date a couple of days ago. We will call him... Hopeless. That sounds terrible, I know, but the problem is that he's been trying to date me for a solid year, and I've been resisting, because I don't feel the... you know... "tee hee"ness around him. Anyway, I caved and went on a date with, and then, in my infinite lack of judgement allowed him to kiss me... three times. I thought, well, maybe he'll really grow on me... maybe...

Relating the story to Stretch, I told her that I was considering trying to date Hopeless, just to see if he would grow on me. But, and this is where the Horrible Evilness comes in, I REALLY want to find out if Gym Boy With Glasses likes me. He's a boy I met at the rock gym. With Glasses. So, my plan was, to go to the rock gym THAT NIGHT (because I had tentatively agreed to date #2 with Hopeless), and see if he was an option at all. In short, to ask him out. And then, if that wasn't an option, go ahead and try dating Hopeless. If you are male and reading this, you're probably thinking, "wow, girls are horrible". To find out if I really am that horrible, stay tuned for my next post, "On the Prowl".

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