Stretch has a way of saying whatever comes to her mind. And it's a good thing that I know how to read her mind, or I might have been shocked by her forwardness. Here are some examples:

Some comments from Stretch to Sponge...

Related to the fact that I squat in her office:

"Do you have to work in here?"

Fortunately, though it may sound like she's giving me the boot, I know she means "Do you want to leave this prison cell together and go to a coffee shop?"

After I broke up with NTP:

"Do you think you'll ever date again?"

One could naively believe she thinks I am a permanently ruined soul, but I know she's wondering if NTP and I will ever get back together (the answer is no ;0)

"Do you really think he'd still like you once he gets to know you?"

Okay, I admit, it's a little harder to spin this one, but she is definitely referencing the fact that Hopeless and I have very different personalities, and he is projecting a false image onto me...


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