Wine Stains

A few days ago I was hanging out with my non-Stretch friend (which is not nearly as fun as hanging out with Stretch, but you have to give these people a little face time) in my apartment. In typical Sponge fashion, I spilled a little bit of red wine on the carpet. I do this kind of thing all the time, so I wasn't too worried, and asked non-Stretch to google techniques for removing red wine stains. Well, the one that was supposed to work involved hydrogen peroxide, which I didn't own, so we searched until we found a plan B, which started by "neutralizing" the red wine with white wine.

Always prepared, I had a half used bottle of white wine in the fridge, so I grabbed it and brought it over. I checked the instructions one more time, grabbed the bottle of wine, and started to pour. As non-Stretch and I watched, the little red wine stain started turning into a massive deep dark red wine puddle. It took me a few crucial moments to realize I was emptying the red wine onto my carpet.

Undaunted, I grabbed the other bottle, and proceeded to empty its contents onto my carpet. Might as well be thorough. As the stain continued to expand across my carpet, I had a momentary flicker of doubt that this was a smart idea. A little while later I added salt to the wound, by adding copious amounts of salt to the stain. My apartment has smelled... interesting, ever since. I'm not sure my carpet will ever be the same (luckily I'm moving out next week).

All is well now, but if you should stain your carpet with red wine, I recommend hydrogen peroxide.

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