Well, in case anyone had some delusions about graduate school, let me dispel them now:

Sometimes grad school isn't much fun.

I'll wait while you recover from your shock.

Better, good? Let's move on.

At least that's my excuse for disappearing from the blog. Currently, Sponge's excuse is that Grad School is TOO much fun and she's still in the honeymoon phase of her new relationship and really not in any condition to work. Lucky Sponge =P

At any rate, I've been in an ultra-stressed, unhappy period of my graduate school career. A period that promises to last until at least December 2008. At which time, I have to leave.

With or without my Ph.D**.

Unfortunately, I don't have time to wait while you recover from that shock...I haven't even had time to recover over my shock or panic or distress get the idea.

(Let me stop here for a brief humorous moment - or at least I found it hysterical. I get some giggle value out of it on a daily basis. Sponge and I were working in the library. At least, I was working. Sponge was writing an e-mail to her boyfriend in which she was describing her surroundings - I'll paraphrase "On my left is a window that looks down onto a giant mud pit, on my right is a shelf of books, in front of me is Stretch with a look of utter despair on her face". I don't know why, but that kills me. I guess because I can't imagine what despair looks like on my face but I find it funny to imagine).

But don't worry, I'm sure my equilibrium will be restored and we'll have lots of funny stories to relate in the near future.

In the meantime, I need to get back to my prelim document. I have to prelim in 3-4 weeks and my hope is to make my prelim document a very near complete version of my thesis - sans a couple of chapters on experimental results and discussion. I have 2-3 weeks to write my thesis...somehow that sounded so much more manageable in my head. Oh well, back to my new "favorite" game - how many words can I write in an hour at which time I get to click on the Word Count button! Woohoo!! Unfortuately, those words have to have some value - though sometimes its fun just to type wildly and pretend like I'm being so-out-of-this-world productive that my office mates glance over in worry as they play Scrabulous. If I have to suffer, I might as well make others worry if they should be suffering more, too. Muahahahaha.

Right...well, it is nearly 3pm and I have 1,921 words. Go!

**I thought I'd give some explanation so that my many, many readers wouldn't misunderstand. I'm a fairly new graduate student - it's not like I've been here 10 years and I'm holding on to my graduate school days with a death grip in an effort to avoid the real world. I haven't even been here 3 full years - and that includes the time I was a MS student. Okay, okay, enough excuses - just wanted to clarify.)


Floop said...

Try this relaxation technique: On your inhale say "Inhaling I know I am inhaling." Then on your exhale say "Exhaling, I know I am exhaling." Repeat about ten times. If that doesn't work, take off your shoes and marvel at the wonder of yout toes. Watch them wiggle and play "This little piggy.." You'll make it just fine!

Floop said...

Better yet: make up your own "This little piggy" story--it might go something like this:

This little piggy went to Starbucks.
This little piggy wandered far.
This little piggy had good luck.
This little piggy gazed at a star.
And this little piggy carried her Ph.D. all the way home!

Here is a limerick in hinor of you-

There once was a lady at Duke,
Whose presence there was not a fluke.
She was smart as a button.
knew how to cook mutton,
this beautiful lady at Duke.

Stretch said...

Aww, thanks floop! I'll have to try these relaxation techniques!