I don't think I told you

But I did it :)

It took me a couple of weeks to work up the courage, but I did it. I walked down the hall of Sponge's class and yelled "Spoooonge!" during her class.

This is how it happened:
I was up in lab working most of that day. I came down to my office (which is near her class) to get something and noticed that she was closer to the door than usual - in fact, I was surprised to see her because I had thought that she had something else going on that day and was going to have to skip class. I went to my office, took several deep breaths, and rounded the corner. I scurried past, mouth open, soundless as usual. I stopped partway down the hall, marched back, opened my mouth, and this time a choking sound came out - at this point, I'd attracted the attention of some other girl close to the door and I think it's safe to say that she thought I was bizarre. I got to the alcove right next to the class, flattened myself against the wall, and panicked. "I can do it! I can do it! Just pretend you're walking down the hall and you see her and you're trying to get her attention - perfectly innocent. Deep breath, don't pass out.". I peek around the corner - darn, people are walking down the hall - I briefly consider paying one of the guys $5 to yell out "Sponge!" for me. I take a super deep breath, force myself away from the wall, and fly past the door, crying "SPONGE!"

Sponge tells me that she collapsed in a fit of giggles, but I had already FLOWN back upstairs to my lab as if the professor himself was going to come out of the class, chasing me down the hall. I was shaking, my heart was racing, I was terrified. I was trembling so much it took me quite a bit of time to calm down enough to start my pipetting again.

But I did it :)

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Floop said...

Stretch--Good for you! That counts as a Pronoia Event--one that adds mirthful choas to the world which heals it in ways we cannot even imagine. (I highly reccommend the book Pronoia, the Antidote to Paranoia.)

By the way, I noticed that on the drawing of the two of you, neither of you have NOSES! How are you going to "Stop and smell the roses," without NOSES? And besides, Sponge is a direct descendent of Charlemange and has his nose. It is much cuter on her than it was on him. I am sure your nose has a royal history, too!