Valentine's Day Aftermath

So, let me set the stage by saying that I've been dating HB for FOUR years and I've pretty much given up hope that he'll ever propose - I think I am destined to die alone.


So, I got home and HB met me in the garage and said "Close your eyes! No peeking!" He led me into the house and upstairs because he had to do a few more things downstairs. I was intrigued and he was wearing cologne! The cologne that I had given him in our first year of dating. Hmmmmm...I was wearing yucky lab clothes and decided to change. I considered the options and decided to wear his favorite dress. He tells me I can come downstairs and he leads me, eyes closed, into our dining room.

"Open your eyes"

It was amazing - he had a tablecloth, flowers, candles, wine, and a menu. A menu that featured filet mignon bruschetta over a bed of argula, roasted peppers, and blue cheese. There was even a wine selection for each course. It was stunning. And at the top of the menu (which was printed on super nice paper) was a picture from one of our first dates - where we were wearing the exact same outfits we currently had on. It was too perfect.

We ate, we talked, we laughed. It was divine.

Dessert was chocolate dipped strawberries and champagne. I was on cloud nine.

He loved my present to him (I'll take him out to dinner each month for a year on the 14th - so we can celebrate Valentine's Day all year long and a box of reasons of why I love him. Say it with me: AWWWWWWW).

Then. Then, he says "Close your eyes - I have a little something for you." He tells me to put my hands out (this is our standard way of exchanging gifts - close your eyes and open your hands). And I suddenly realize: THIS IS IT!!!!!!! He's going to propose and it's so perfect, I can barely breathe. He lays something in my hands and I hear him rustling - I picture him getting down on his knees. The tears are welling.

He says "Open your eyes"

I open my eyes. My breath catches.

In my hand, I am holding...

A beer bottle jersey.


Floop said...

Stretch, Men are from Mars, no doubt about it! 34 years ago when I was dating George I was disappointed in his treatment of me and said "You never take me out to dinner." His answer--"Just the other day I took you to McDonalds!"
Jeepers-how clueless can a guy be?!!

Stretch said...

That is such a great story!