A Quickie

G'Day Mates!

Yes, I had a fantastic time in Australia - I suspect that I was meant to be Australian because I semi-seriously considered staying there. But I came back to try to get Sponge to also become pseudo-Australian. I'll fill you in on my adventures there at some point - suffice to say I had at least one person ask me why I giggle so much :)

So, a quick story to distract you from my lack of posting:

Sponge has a quote hanging on the wall over her desk that has apparently been there for at least a month. It says, "There is no point wrapping your pillow in bubble back if a bulldozer is going to roll over it. Meditate on that." Now Sponge often has interesting things on her wall - for awhile she had a scrap of paper that just said "Where are you?" So, she asked me what it meant, and I replied "Don't bother protecting something if it's going to get destroyed anyways. You know, choose your battles carefully." I pause, "Why what does it mean to you?"

"I thought it was just a random assortment of words."

The quote has since been replaced.

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