I'm packed and ready to go!


I did it! I packed my suitcase for my three weeks away. It took obsessive planning, many lists, and endless calls to you and HB to query whether I needed 7 pairs of pants including two pairs of jeans (I got it down to four and only one pair of jeans!), a khaki skirt or pants (I decided on the skirt), the black heels or the black flats (I really went wild here and went with the red flats - not even an initial option!).

I'm checking off the final things off of my list and at the end of the post, I can check off "Post on Blog". Seriously. That was on my list.

Awww, the lists - I wish I could show them to you! I have a list of what to pack, a list of errands to run, a list of papers I need to print, a list of postcard addresses, a list of people I still need addresses for, a list of potential knitting projects, a list of possible books, a list of things to remember in the morning, a list of...well, you get the idea.

I even decided to draw a picture for you:

Starting sometime Friday/Saturday Stretch will be upside down!! Three weeks in Australia!! Woohoo!! The picture isn't quite accurate...for instance my suitcase is much, much larger. BUT I did manage to only use half of my large rolling suitcase...AND clever, clever Stretch that I am, I used the other half to put in a compressed duffel bag. So I'll have LOTS of room for all the souvenirs I'm bringing home.

Did I mention that I also have on one of my lists "Take picture of water draining for Sponge"?

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